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SPEED B2102 + T2090SC
 O.S. Reference : S0851A301

 Price : 639,95 €   Qté    
1A301 O.S. SPEED B2102 combo set with T2090SC muffler. 1. The newly designed carburetor improves fuel mileage. Ten-minute driving per tank is not a dream for ordinary drivers any longer. 2. The new low-profile cooling head makes car gravity center much lower (-17 mm), which improves car handling drastically without sacrificing cooling performance. 3. Newly developed parts for B2102: carburetor, crankshaft, crankcase, inner head, outer head.
SPEED B2102 + T2090SC  SPEED B2102 + T2090SC  SPEED B2102 + T2090SC  

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